Adult ADHD: Get Your Projects Done Despite Distractions

Adults with ADHD are great multitaskers, but there are times when they find themselves with way too much on their plate. It’s not common for an ADHD adult to stay busy from morning to evening without much to show for it. If this sounds like you, here is a tip to help you get things done in spite of your ADHD distractions.

Tie the bow

Just as you aren’t done wrapping a present until you’ve tied the bow, so aren’t you done with a task or project until you’ve completed the final step. “Tie the bow” should be your new mantra every time you set out to do a project or chore. Mail the letter you just wrote; don’t just leave it lying on the kitchen counter. Fold the laundry and put it away; don’t keep them in the basket.

Even though you want to get a lot of things done during the day, there are times when you simply can’t tie the bow. Here are the four most common reasons for leaving a task unfinished and some ways you can deal with them.

I don’t have time

If you can’t get things done due to lack of time, make more time by adding 15 minutes to your everyday routine. Wake up earlier in the morning and spend 15 minutes doing these tasks before you leave for work. At work, you can keep track of your assignments by adding another 15 minutes before you leave to tie up loose ends, review the day’s work, and pack up your things.

I’m too tired

It’s not uncommon for adults with ADHD to be plagued by sleep problems. They either have difficulty sleeping, difficulty staying asleep, or difficulty waking up. Find ways to fall asleep on time, or look over your schedule and try to cut back on certain tasks that aren’t as important.

I don’t feel like finishing this task

Some tasks just aren’t very exciting to do. If you feel unmotivated to do some tasks, schedule them for a time when you have more energy, like during the weekend.

I get too distracted

It’s tempting to take a minute to look at distractions, but this won’t bring you any closer to getting things done. Shut off your browser and instant messenger if you’re doing computer work. If a colleague interrupts you for a non-urgent reason, politely say that you’ll look at it later.

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