Adult ADHD Help Advice May Answer the Question, Why Am I Always Tired?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is often thought to be something that children outgrow as adolescence, but recent studies indicate that ADHD adults experience many of the same symptoms as children and adult ADHD help comes in many natural forms.

One of the most common symptoms of adult ADHD is when you find yourself asking the question why am I always tired? Adults often blame their busy schedules, irregular sleep patterns, stress and their children for the reason why they are always tired, when the truth may lie in a simple disorder called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which effects 20% of American adults. If you’re asking the question why am I always tired and not finding an answer, see if you have any of these other common ADHD symptoms:

  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Careless mistakes at work
  • Find it hard to maintain attention in work or leisure
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Lose your keys often
  • Fidget with your hands or feet, especially at bedtime
  • Feel like you’re always on the go
  • Often told you talk too much
  • Blurt out things
  • Have trouble waiting your turn
  • Excessive tiredness

If you said yes to many of these items then you may be suffering like other ADHD adults. Don’t worry! There are lots of natural ways to help reduce these symptoms!

Although the causes of ADHD are still unknown, adult ADHD help is on the way. A change in diet is the most widely accepted natural cure to hyperactivity disorder in adults. Dietary changes may include: elimination of artificial foods, food colorings and preservatives, regular eating habits such as decreasing the time between healthy snacks, reducing or eliminating alcoholic beverages in ones diet, and increasing natural or herbal supplements which are thought to balance moods, reduce fatigue or provide calming reactions in the body.

Additionally, increasing your physical activity will nearly always provide adult ADHD help because it reduces feelings of restlessness and helps you funnel excess energy into productive things such as sports or athletics.

The most difficult and perhaps the most hazardous symptom of ADHD adults experience is feeling tired. If you’re asking yourself why am I always tired then you should take a good look at your diet and exercise not only as a way to manage ADHD symptoms but also to manage the single symptom of fatigue. No one has to live with fatigue because there are many options for helping reduce fatigue symptoms. One such solution which works well for ADHD adults is increasing anti-oxidants in your body because anti-oxidants reduce the free radicals in the body, which cause fatigue. Anti-oxidants can be found in foods such blueberries, pomegranates, black and green teas, citrus fruits, carrots and tomatoes. Unfortunately, eating antioxidant foods alone doesn’t always introduce enough antioxidants into our bodies to fully combat free radicals. Further, the number of Americans who claim that fatigue plagues them is increasing to alarming rates. There are also a variety of supplements that can be taken which work exponentially to reduce free radicals in the body, such as Protandim, which triggers the creation of enzymes to eliminate over a million free radical molecules in your body per second. Protandim is more effective than foods like blueberries because it reduces anti-oxidative stress at a much faster rate than foods can.

Natural healing experts will warn against taking prescription drugs such as Ritalin as a form of adult ADHD help because they can become addictive and some studies indicate that dependence on such drugs may produce harmful side effects such as a propensity toward suicide and other, further mental disorders. But natural supplements such as Protandim do not expose people to such effects as it works to cure only fatigue symptoms, increase concentration and help with focus and drive instead of curing ADHD directly.

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